The village Bussière-Badil lies within the natural surroudings of park Périgord-Limousin. It is a picturesque village known for its 12th-century Romanesque church. In the Middle Ages it was an important centre for monks. There is a pharmacy, a doctor, a small market, a baker and a restaurant. A tennis court, several golf courses and lots of trekking possibilities are within reach. The village is only seven kilometres removed from one of the largest markets of the Dordogne and near a lot of tourist attractions.

On `le Bourg` you will find the beautiful house of the painter Katelijne van Oudenaarde. Here the course participants will stay. They can aslo choose to stay elsewhere. The 'maison de maître' dates back to 1833. Guests stay in large double rooms. We have space for workshops and activities, and it`s possible to exhibit your own work. Both the surroundings, and the garden and the house are inspiring, therefore beautiful art work can be made!

Katelijne of Oudenaarde